Outdoor Advertising


      Of all the advertising methods out there, outdoor advertising services are some of the most powerful ways of reaching consumers. It’s a tried-and-tested formula of getting your message to the masses, driving your profits higher and solidifying your brand in targeted geographic areas.

There are a great many types of outdoor advertising services (also known as “out of home advertising services” or simply “OOH Advertising”) and sometimes it can be confusing to know how to structure an ad campaign and choose the right marketing vehicles for maximum impact within your marketplace. Godhury Marketing Communication has the knowledge and experience to help you optimize the best possible advertising campaign.


Outdoor Banners - Building / Towers

PVC Print


Stiker Print

Cut Vinyl Banners


Transparent & one way vision sticker

Photo to Art Prints

Corrugated Plastic - Such as: ID Cards & Badges


PVC Plastic



Magnetic Signs


Rubber Stamps

Address Labels

Bags - Tote / Shopping

Pop ups

Backlit film

Direction signs


T-shirts (Cloth)

Printable Canvas