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Corporate Events
The experience we have accumulated over the years prepares us to meet all your expectations in the corporate event management spectrum. Our formidable team is armed with a bevy of ideas that will match any budget. We ensure smooth working from start to end. Our team will competently resolve everything from slight glitches to complex conundrums. A sales’ team meet, an award ceremony or an HR initiative – we will do it all.
  • Annual Days
  • Family Days
  • Team Building Outings
  • Rewards and Recognition Events
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Festivals and Milestone Events
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    Conference and Seminar Management
    We comprehend all the intricacies involved in your conferences and seminars and can effectively deliver the successful exchange of information, whether it is a penetration of a new brand to potential customers, retention of old clients, workshops, annual events, or just an informal gathering. We’re geared to successfully handle anything you need.
  • Sales Kick Off Meets
  • Dealer Meets
  • Customer Meets
  • Partner Meets
  • Press Conference Sets
  • Product Launches & Brand Activations
    We ensure the customer connects with our clients’ product on a level that matters. Through promotional activities that will effectively infiltrate market segments, we will bring your brand to life. To us, product launches and brand activations are about giving our clients the ideas and the platform that is needed to showcase their products, in order to propel them into the market in an effective manner.
  • Mall Promotions
  • School / College Contact Programs
  • Road Shows, Canter Services
  • RWA / Apartment Promotions
  • In-store Branding and Merchandizing
  • POP and Other Branding Material
  • Club Activations
  • Sampling and Tasting Events
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    Lifestyle Events
    Your premium and high profile parties, fashion shows, brunches etc., come within this category. Our premium standard of quality allows us to be able to provide you with unparalleled events, giving your guests an experience they will remember. Our eye for detail enables us to concentrate on even the finer things involved with any event, as well as the event on a broader scale.
  • Fashion Shows
  • Concerts
  • Marathons and Sports Events
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Events
  • Destination Management
    We help you plan your corporate travel to any destination around the globe!
  • Venue and Hotel Sourcing
  • Air & Ground Travel
  • International Adventures
  • Customized Entertainment
  • Sightseeing and Other Tours
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